Ballet Competition Comes to Loyola University

Tutus and tiaras filled the Loyola University halls this past weekend as they played host to the first ever U.S. based Valentina Kozlova international ballet competition semifinals.

The three-day event, that hosted sixty-seven competitors, included classes with professional dancers and four separate competitions.

Assistant stage manager for the competition Amelia Seidel, says that organizers weren’t sure how the competition would go.

“It went really good. I don’t think anyone knew what we were expecting but it was good, it was really good. Everything went pretty smooth,” said Seidel.

It wasn’t all fun however, ballet instructor and one of the organizers of the competition Leigh Brockman, says there were some difficulties during the competition.

“I knew going into the weekend that more or less, I was going to be the person that probably everyone was going to look to. I was going to be the face for if anyone had a question, and that is exactly what happened.  I ran. I ran the steps more here at Loyola University than I have ever run the steps before in my life. I don’t think I stopped from 7 in the morning till about ten or eleven at night.  It was a constant run, so yea, that was difficult,” said Brockman

Many people, including ballet student Nia Porter, thought the competition was a great opportunity for the Loyola community.

“The competition was beautiful. It was cool seeing professional ballerinas,” said Porter.

For future dates about dance events at Loyola University, you can visit

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