“Series of…” Exhibition

In May 2017 I held a multimedia exhibition called “Series of…”

I acted as creator, manager, fundraiser, and marketer. 

This exhibition was held from May 11 through May 16, 2017, with an opening reception on May 12. The show featured of four, large-scale pieces that each represented a unique concept in series format. I’ve never liked coloring in the lines so with this exhibition, I did not want to work in the confines of one theme or one medium but instead create multiple different stories within one space.  The exhibition included sculpture, photography, and painting.

I made use of crowdfunding, through GoFundMe, to raise the $2,000 needed to fund necessities for the exhibition, including but not limited to event space rental, marketing materials (posters, flyers,) and opening night refreshments. 

I also employed various marketing tactics, including press releases, news advisories, print advertising, calendar listings, and social media. 

To see examples of my print materials please go to my design webpage.

To see examples of all my marketing materials please go to my marketing webpage.

To see my budget documents relating to this event please go to my budget webpage.

To see my fundraising documents associated with this event please go to my fundraising webpage.

On May 14 I held a special Mother’s Day event, where I gave out roses and mimosas to gallery visitors. The event was covered by WTOC-TV. 

Link to WTOC story